We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, highest quality pharmacy care possible to our patients and their healthcare providers.


At Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy, we understand the emotional, psychological and financial stresses that chronically ill patients and their loved ones go through. Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy is here to help patients and their physicians manage the specialty therapy process. When your physician partners with Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy, you and your doctor will spend less time on administrative and financial issues and more time focusing on your treatment.

What does Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy do?


Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy works closely with your healthcare team to provide your Specialty Pharmacy care on an ongoing basis, when and where you need it. Our highly experienced and trained pharmacy staff also act as a bridge between you, your physician, your insurance company, Medicare, and others involved in your treatment plan. This means you don’t have to do all this coordination yourself.
As your Specialty Pharmacy, Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy will:

  • Help you with private insurance and Medicare paperwork, billing, and claims.
  • Work with patient assistance programs on your behalf to get funding if you need financial support
  • Provide counseling and detailed instructions on how to take your medications correctly, as well as how to manage side effects
  • Provide refill reminders
  • Offer 24/7 access to our certified, highly-trained Specialty Pharmacists to answer your questions and provide support whenever you need it at (833) 767-5663



24/7 Personalized Care


Choose Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy and enjoy 24/7 support from an entire Care Team of specially-trained pharmacists and nurses. We can help you manage your condition by:

  • Checking dosing and medication schedules
  • Answering your medication questions
  • Suggesting how to relieve side effects
  • Helping you set up new medication regimens and checking that you are taking your medication as prescribed.

Your Care Team can help you understand and get the most out of your benefits so you can focus more on your health. We even help you file your insurance claims and offer assistance during any specialty benefits reviews.



Convenient Online Prescription Management


Register for a secure, online specialty prescription profile and make managing your medication even easier with these online tools.
Fast refill requests. You can even fill all your medications and supplies at the same time.

Refill Reminder Texting Service. We can notify you about your upcoming refills if you sign up for this free service
Up-to-date prescription information. View your prescription history, refills remaining, your costs, last fill date and more

Medication pick up or delivery options. Request your refills be sent directly to the location of your choice or simply pick them up at the pharmacy.
Secure prescription information storage. Keep all your specialty prescription information in one, secure place.