Pain Management

California Specialty Pharmacy works with patients and physicians to compound specialized medications for pain that are applied topically. Our topical pain creams are applied directly to the affected area and/or the appropriate dermatome to block pain at the nerve source.
Pain creams are compounded in transdermal bases, which have been proven effective in facilitating percutaneous absorption of topical pain medications. Pain cream ingredients include customized combinations of the following medications:
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS): Ketoprofen, Piroxicam, Ibuprofen
  • Muscle Relaxants: Cyclobenzaprine, Baclofen
  • Anesthetics: Lidocaine, Prilocaine
  • Vasodilators: Nifedipine, Verapamil
  • Pain Blockers: Ketamine
  • Nerve Agents: Amitriptyline, Gabapentin
  • Other Pain Medications: Menthol, Capsaicin, Clonidine


These compounded pain management medications are available by prescription only. Please discuss it with your physician, or contact us!