Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy recognizes the need for specialty pharmacy care in providing proper treatment support to our patients. Our goal is to help patients begin therapy and stay on it.

At Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy, our insurance benefits team is dedicated to taking the administrative burden away from providers as much as possible. We will prioritize prior authorizations, perform benefits investigations, and submit appeals until the prescribed treatment is approved. We have a remarkable success rate for approved prior authorization submissions, which are usually executed in one business day or less. Medications are shipped on the same day approval is given. You can count on Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy to execute new referrals successfully.


To assure the best patient experience possible, we customize our medication management programs, focusing on compliance and adherence to maximize the impact of the medication. We eliminate barriers to pharmaceutical care, which ensures that patients who need their medications receive their medication. We offer full copay assistance cooperation and discovery, as necessary, to assure minimal patient financial responsibility.


Our clinically trained and certified pharmacists maintain a higher than average medication possession ratio (MPR) for most therapies. They are available to providers and patients to provide a “high-touch,” consistent delivery of pharmaceuticals and information as necessary to achieve optimum outcomes.


At Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy, we provide a full array of reporting necessary to support your business needs with the flexibility and accuracy you expect. Our contracting and customizable program developments are efficient and timely. The key components of our programs